Due to the privacy and confidentiality issues surrounding our highline auto business and clients we have limited ability to publish testimonials. We will be happy to provide references after you have signed the Engagement Letter and we have received the consent of the client.

The Best Ones So Far

"After buying my second car with your help I have a complete trust in Internet Autos team. I like the process because it is transparent and simple. I don't think I would have been able to handle all the paperwork myself. Great service and fees are reasonable and earned." - George S., Orlando, FL.

"I am happy about Internet Autos' service. They quickly located a few matches for my hard-to-find car and took care of everything including the delivery to my driveway." - Michelle Y., New York, NY.

"I had been looking for those red stiches for months until I found Internet Autos! They brought this car all the way from Belgium! Very efficient service, pleasant people and acceptable charge." - Brad W., Miami, FL.

This service was particularly useful to me because I know I would not be able to get the price I was ready pay to this particular seller. Collectors know values from inside out and they are hard to bargain with. Thanks to the involvement of Internet Autos I got almost exactly what I was offering. - Bernie R., SF, CA.

"Thanks to Internet Autos I turned my fire sale into a money maker. Within two weeks!" - Stefano B., Greenwich, CT.